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What is sulfur?  

First of all, Sulphur Market Explained The term clutter.

"Agricultural sulfur, sulfur participating in animal food, industrial sulfur (Rubber Manufacturing, etc.), sulfur used as a medicine, the leaves Applied Sulphur, Sulphur Powder pH Regulatory applied as a soil and leaves, and leaves the soil pH as a regulatory Applied Liquid sulfur, elemental sulfur powder, Sulfur Powder, Granular Sulphur, Sulphur Powder Micronized "all of them are the same all over the world and the symbol S, which follows the chemical properties of sulfur. The differences between them; drug license permits the elemental sulfur powder, tax rates, due to differences in purity and particle size. Mean quality of sulfur; 99.80% purity, particle size 5-100 microns and a maximum ash content of sulfur, which is 0.05%. Bentonite is mixed with lime or sulfur, and the effects of purity is less than 90% and more, the use of lime sulfur mixed with an unreasonable task. Some of the sulfur within the soil, sand or lime, which is an unwanted thing.
Sulfur, symbol S, group 6A (nonmetallic), atomic number 16, relative atomic mass (atomic weight) 32 066 g / mol, at room temperature, solid, hard, brittle, electron arrangement 3P4 3S2, 115.36 C melting point, boiling point, 444.75 C, heat of vaporization of 3.01, density 2.07 g / cc, the atomic diameter 1:09 A fusion (fusion) temperature: 0.34, electrical conductivity: 1e-23, thermal conductivity: 0.0007, specific heat capacity: 0175, 2:58 Electronegativity lemon yolk, lean element . According to Mohs hardness degree is around 2.5. Pure sulfur, tasteless and odorless. Carbon disulfide and carbon tekraklorürde soluble but insoluble in water. This substance is finely milled and after being eliminated in the case of mixing the soil with soil microorganisms SO4 (sulfate) form is oxidized. This matter how thin, no matter how small if in powder form is so easy absorption by the plant. To convey a very bad heat and electricity, a good electrical insulation. Sulfur is an easy and short blue flame in the form of a flame is lit. There are nine isotopes of mass numbers ranging from 29 to 38. Approximately 95% of the sulfur in nature stable isotope of S-32. Represents 4% of the S-34 stable isotopes. In other stable isotopes of mass numbers 33 and 36. 0:19 seconds half-life of a radioactive isotope S-29 S-35 isotope half-life is 88 days.
Uses of Sulphur;

Sulfur has many uses. The majority of raw sulfur, sulfur dioxide gas, sulfuric acid, carbon, sulfur, thiosulfate, and so on. production. Bee sulfur, is the composition of black powder and fireworks. Sulfur, matches, used in the manufacture of rubber and ebonite. Against powdery mildew disease in vineyards with sulfurization also used in the treatment of skin diseases, especially in pomade and shampoo should be noted that the preparation of the sulfur exploited. Sulfur dioxide, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and plays an important role in the formation, increases the number of respiratory diseases in children. Relatively short duration contact causes the leaves of plants nekrozlarına. Lower intensity, but does decrease the effectiveness of long-term contacts metabolism.

Where to Find Sulphur;

Sulfur is an element found in abundance in nature, the earth's surface 0.06% constitutes. Especially with the most important sulfur deposits of Sicily, old volcanoes near Louisiana and in Japan, gypsum, limestone, between the layers is in its natural state. Metals are united, iron, copper, lead, zinc sulfides of these metals the most important ore. Some are natural gases in the form of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, there are also oil and hard coal.

Sulfur Deposits of Turkey;

Ground sulfur deposits in our country:

1) Isparta - Keçiborlu
2) Pain - Diyadin
3) Denizli - Saraykoy
4) Van
5) Balıkesir
6) Mugla - Milas
The Most Important Sulfur business facility; Keçiborlu sulfur business. (At the moment of production is made)

Decomposition of sulfur in our country, Petrol, Izmir / Aliaga, Izmit and Kirikkale refinery Tupras Inc. Is.

Sulphur and The Human Body;

Minerals as sulfur, connective tissue, skin, nails, production, control of blood sugar levels, the body's poisons cleaning, bile production, healthy hair, skin and nails. Helping to maintain the oxygen balance, it is very important for the functions of the brain. Sulfur also fulfill the functions of B-group vitamins and helps the secretion of bile in the liver.

Sulfur Deficiency;

Sulfur deficiency is seen rarely, weakness, hair, and skin pallor in the absence of sulfur in the body is enough.

Sulfur and Sulfur Excess Loss;

Excessive sulfur will damage the kidneys. The human body is receiving more sulfur, headache, sore throat and heartburn, causes symptoms such as vomiting. In addition, the causes of allergic skin diseases. Negative effects of excess sulfur, most asthma patients.

Foods Containing Sulfur Which is?

Red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, carrots, onions, garlic, celery, radishes, cabbage, spinach, soybeans, strawberries, bananas, parsley, lettuce, potatoes, figs, hazelnuts, peanuts, and palm in terms of sulfur minerals quite rich foods.

Daily Requirement of sulfur;

Sulfur the body needs to take to meet the amount of sulfur per day is 1000 mg.

Symptoms of sulfur deficiency in plants;

Significantly adversely affect plant growth stops the sulfur deficiency in the development, improvement chloritic a single view of the plant is a typical feature. Bodurlaşır plant with sulfur deficiency, thin-bodied and will look like bush. This deficiency symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in many plants, and is thus incorrect comments can be made to explain the reasons for this problem. However, in the event of any deficiencies in the structure of the old plant parts of plants, such as sulfur, nitrogen young sections that can not be moved, so deficiency symptoms appear first, the young leaves. Cabbage and canola / rapeseed plants cruciferous plants such as the lower surfaces of the leaves of sulfur deficiency primarily causes the formation of a reddish color.

Sulfur Cycle (Sulfur Cycle);

Sulfur, organic molecules, proteins, which are essential for the biosynthesis of living organisms is one of the basic elements. Sulfur in nature, as there are elements in the form of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulphite (SO2) and sulfate (SO4) There are also various forms of oxidation. Vegetable and animal wastes in the structure of proteins, organic sulfur bacteria as a result of activity of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is converted. By certain bacteria oxidize the hydrogen sulfide is converted to sulfates and then sulphides before. Sulfates, which can be used by plants sulfur formed by taking. By sulfur in the biosynthesis of proteins in plants use this form and transmit them to all consumers through the food chain. Creatures left in the soil organic wastes, sulfur circulation causes the process to start again. In this way, the circulation of sulfur in the sulfur cycle between abiotic environment creates creatures. Also the structure of the oil and coal are sulfur and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere as they are burned.

Sulphur Oxide;
Oxygen, sulfur compounds formed by the common name of all. The most important of these compounds trioksittir sulfur dioxide and sulfur. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a colorless non-flammable gas. Atmospheric half-life is 24 hours retention time 40 days is found. Most of the sulfur oxides, as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels in the fixed income sources. Fossil fuels (oil, coal, etc.). Contains 0.5% sulfur content of up to 6%. As a result of combustion of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, sulfur diffused into the atmosphere mainly in the form of SO2. Sulfur concentration in the atmosphere biçimiyse SO4'tür phase. Constitute the vast majority of human activities, the amount of atmospheric sulfur dioxide.
Sulfur Dioxide;
Two oxygen formula has a sulfur content of sulfur dioxide. Make-polar covalent bond. Sugar industry. Sulfur dioxide, microbial balance in the wine making wine used today to provide the most effective and the only legal substance. Air pollution and acid rain causing sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a colorless, pungent gas is a reactive coal, fuel oil during the combustion of fuels containing sulfur, such as, metal smelting and other industrial processes is the result of operations. The main sources of thermal power plants and industrial boilers. In general, the high concentrations of SO2, is located close to large industrial sources.
Health Effects of Sulfur Dioxide;
Most vulnerable to the health effects of SO2 group of asthmatic children and adults who are active outdoors. The primary effect, wheezing, chest tightness, and cut the lead to symptoms such as breathing, narrowing of the airways. Signs of discomfort while the SO2 concentration and breathing rate increases. Exposure failure, pulmonary function returns to normal within an hour. Long-term exposure to SO2 and fine particles, respiratory diseases, lung defense mechanism changes and worsening of existing heart disease can result. The group most vulnerable to these effects, children, the elderly and persons with chronic lung disease or heart disease.
Sulfur Trioxide;
Formed by the combination of sulfur dioxide with oxygen, a sulfur oxide (SO3). 17 C of less solid, liquid of 17 C to 45 C, 45 C above the gaseous state. Solid SO3 mist of sulfuric acid combined with water creates a sizzling and violence. While the solid white, bright crystal is made in the form of a needle.
Request Peanut Plant Soil;

Peanut clay content is low, sandy, light textured soils with good aeration and drainage. PH 5.5-6.5 soils ideal for growing groundnut, respectively. However, as 5.0-7.8 pH's on being made. The level of organic matter in the soil to be around 2% is ideal. High lime content and pH of 7.8 in the soil, especially on the phosphorus, iron, zinc and manganese deficiencies are seen. After fertilization occurs when the ovaries to grow a flower pins peanuts. These needles entering into the soil starts to grow fruit and peanuts occurs. Therefore, the lack of peanuts grown structure of the soil clay and stuck very important. Peanut plant (the whole plant) and the average of 600 kg of product is received one hectare area, 25 kg N, 4.0 kg P2O5, 12 kg K2O, MgO, 4.0 kg, 25 kg, and 6.0 kg of CaO, S is removed. As can be seen from this, a large part of the plant atmosphere of nitrogen fixation by sağladığına other nutrients, especially and primarily based on plant needs calcium and sulfur come to the fore. Therefore, the importance of this will be explained later on peanuts fertilization Ca and S-point fertilizers is of great importance.
What is sulfur peanuts?

small grains of peanut are grown in high pH soils. Peanut kernels to the land is full of sulfur application (increases the amount of production per acre). Sulfur powder used in the production of groundnut do.
When sulfur is used in vineyards?

Bond uyuzuna seen signs of damage to the leaves in spring vineyard spraying should be done.
Powdery mildew;
• The disease occurs in all green organs vine. Appear white powdery appearance on the vine.
• Fungal disease. Acrylic emulsion based cases, more attention must be high. High humidity creates a suitable environment for the disease. Green branches of vine vineyard pruning is done properly, and thus the link between the airy position at the same time as ensuring that the air circulation is very important to be open in the fight against powdery mildew ..
• The first time power is noticeable disease in young leaves. In general, the oil stain similar to the upper surface of the leaves are yellowish or bright spots. Go to the brightness of leaf age, thicken and curl inward brittle edge.
• diseased parts blackish dark brown color is green shoots, taking in the winter, these spots turn into a reddish-brown color.
• small grains panicle early detection of the disease remains in line with İrileşebilmiş or mature stem burst just before the particles are captured. In general, particles up to 8% şekerleninceye continues.
Plants of the disease seen: Hanging
Sulfur bond is used for powdery mildew disease scabies disease is rare.
Water-soluble sulfur, such as those that can be found in powder form are also available. Powdered sulfur is to be used is suitable to be taken early in the morning or in the evening.
Fighting Methods;
Cultural Measures
Concentration of wintering buds to stick with short pruning vineyards and reducing air circulation and mapping of inland sağlanıldığı vine, such as the effectiveness of chemical control is improved.
Chemical Measures;
• First sulfurization: When the shoots are 25-30 cm in length;
• Second sulfurization: Flower petals scattered period;
• Third, and other sulfurization: The second sulfur sulfur is used after the duration of action of meteorological and environmental conditions of the regions with the grain until the period of the fall, I should continue to sulfur.
• Powdery mildew mildew by spraying with kükürtlemesi made, karışabilirlikleri be taken into account.
• the optimum temperature range 25-30 C for sulfur application. 30 Degree in decreasing under the effect of the drug on 18 Degree in can damage the vines.
Apple Tree Sulfur Application;
Plant-available micro high pH soils in nutrients, especially iron and zinc are low. Therefore, at least a few years, built of soil and leaf analysis of trace elements missing from the soil or foliar fertilization should be given through the trees. However, the good quality and increases the amount of fruits and fed in a balanced way, the market value increases, due to its chemical composition is delicious and the customer takes appropriate. Iron and zinc deficiency is high lime apple orchards.
It starts as a slight yellowing of the leaves extreme iron deficiency. First, turn yellow between the veins, but the veins remain green. Then the entire leaf turns yellow. The leaves remain smaller than normal. Decreases, and the ends of shoots start drying backwards. Trees growing weaker and yield is reduced. Caution, if not dry out. Chlorosis is a major problem, especially in calcareous soil.
Zinc deficiency is observed in tree shoots small yapraklılık or rosette. Between nodes is reduced towards the end of exile. Have been subjected to severe drought, such as losing the normal shape of the leaves dry up and fall off. Fruit is small and lose their shape. Leaf edges are sometimes a volatile state. The edges of the green veins on the leaf surface of blood vessels in the form of yellow mosaic composed of patches. Low of the defects affected only in severe cases leaves shoot growth stops completely. Reduces the number of fruit buds, shoots, or even disappears completely.
SULPHUR application and get rid of all these negative symptoms. For this reason, in the spring, the tree crown planform sulfur dust explosion, or liquid lime sulfur application in the root zone should be doing. In addition, the fight against apple scab and fungal diseases, fungicides should be applied for reducing the use of sulfur drugs and immunity prevents fungi and organic farming is done. Foliar application at the beginning of the spring semester of the disease or illness can have.
200-250 practice sheets for pest and disease ml/100 lt water can make the liquid sulfur application. Thus, the cultivation of apples with this application and get rid of diseases and pests as well as plant nutrients that the plant needs to take facilitate.
Sulfuric acid;
Sulfuric acid, H2SO4, a strong mineral acid. Each concentration of the water-soluble. Possible explorer 8 century, the name given by the alchemist Jabir Ibn Hayyan uğratıcı abrasion, colorless and high density liquid. Sulfuric acid, which is a very important industrial chemicals or lead-room method is produced by the method of contact. These methods triokside sulfur is converted to sulfur dioxide followed by oxidation with oxygen accompanied by various catalysts by reacting sulfur trioxide with water to obtain sulfuric acid. In various concentrations of sulfuric acid, fertilizers, pigments, dyestuffs, explosives, pesticides, inorganic salt and oil used in refining and metallurgical processes. In addition, various batteries are used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid. People between the "battery acid" is known as. Transmits electricity. Remove from heat when dissolved in water is too high.
Sulfuric acids are mostly sold in the market or 98'liktir 78.93 percent.

Uses of sulfuric acid is a colorless, oily liquid. Concentrated sulfuric acid, H2SO4 rate includes 96-98% by mass. One of the features, is a matter close to the water. Concentrated sulfuric acid, water and many organic material attracts and exothermic (exothermic) creates a reaction. Because of this feature, when contact with the skin can cause extensive damage. For the same reason, sulfuric acid dilution process must be done carefully. 1 mol of sulfuric acid is added to plenty of water, approximately 880 kJ of heat is released. Add concentrated sulfuric acid into the water is very dangerous. Because the water, due to highly exothermic reaction, the acid bubbles at the top, creating a very sudden boiling. H2SO4, and the materials used in the chemical industry is one of the most produced. Agricultural industry, large amount of acid, calcium phosphate, Ca3 (PO4) 2 as the insoluble phosphate rocks, used to obtain the soluble calcium dihydrogen phosphate. Industrial method for the production of sulfuric acid is called "touching process" is. In the first step, sulfur and sulfur dioxide formed by combustion of sulfides.
S8 (g) + 8 O2 (g) → 8 SO 2 (g) (ΔH ° = -2374 kJ / mol)
2 H2S (g) + 3 O2 (g) → 2 SO2 (g) + 2 H2O (g) (ΔH ° = -1037 kJ / mol)
Reacts with oxygen to form sulfur trioxide, sulfur dioxide more, but this reaction occurs more slowly. Ignition process, a mixture of sulfur dioxide and oxygen, passes into contact with the surface of the platinum metal or vanadium oxide catalysts.
2 SO2 (g) + O2 (g) → 2 SO3 (g) (ΔH ° = -226 kJ / mol)
Direct solubility of sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid, generates moisture. Consisting of moisture, water is mixed with concentrated sulfuric acid to obtain. If we look carefully touching exothermic reaction process is seen. Sulfuric acid-producing factories, heat the benefit of this disclosure.
Health risk, which is a concentration, regardless of the dangerous contact with eyes. Concentrated sulfuric acid is a very itchy skin, produces severe burns. Wash hands thoroughly with eye-bath or dilute region in contact with the base. Washed with water, and the actual combustion would be revealed if the heat will make this event. The place consists of color my point of contact and trace spacer wounds.
Sulfur Fertilizer (Sulfur Containing Fertilizers);
Ammonium sulphate;
Is one of the first produced nitrogenous fertilizers. Nitrogen ratio 20.7%, respectively. However, due to the relatively high cost of production of nutrients and low rates of production volumes decreased significantly in recent years.
Synthetic crystalline ammonium sulphate is a salt and white farmers, due to the nature of this "sugar fertilizer" is called. Color gray, brown, red, light blue, green, or may be yellowish. This fertilizer has nothing to do with the effect of having a transparent or colored. The most important feature of this fertilizer as a commercial product within the 20-21% that of nitrogen and sulfur by 24%. Crystalline ammonium sulphate flows freely and no problem is encountered in storage. Aggregation of ammonium sulfate by moisture content is low. As a fertilizer for acid character, neutral and alkaline (calcareous) soils can be used safely. Amount of land used for a long time a lot of acid reaction asitleşmesine will cause even more land. For this reason, of acid soils, for example, the Eastern Black Sea Region, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate is better to use lime instead.
Ammonium sulphate before planting, sowing time and can be applied to the plant during the growth period of the plant. Sulfur, sulfur deficiency is mainly due to the Scope of fertilizer that can be used wherever it is available. Germination of seeds should be kept in order to be effective.
With gray or brown color is normal super phosphate fertilizer storage and ease of application for the supply usually has a granular structure. Topaklaşır powder products during storage. A rate of 17-20%, depending on the rock properties used in the acid and contains a total P2O5. Of this amount, 90% of the lots from water-soluble form. This fertilizer also contains around 16% of sulfur. A normal super phosphate granular homogeneous field can be applied without any problems. The free acid it contains a small amount of acid-resistant bags are used for packaging.
Normal super phosphate fertilizer, acid character, except that the land is suitable for soil phosphorus fertilizer. Showing lack of calcium and sulfur, calcium and sulfur requirements of plants as a result of the use of land are met. Fixation of soluble phosphate fertilizers in order to minimize the need to apply the tape right next to the rows of seeds.
In recent years the production and consumption quantities, that decreasing amounts of fertilizer to be a very good source of sulfur, particularly sulfur fertilization can be used in areas requiring a fertilizer can provide new insight.
Triple Superphosphate;
Triple super phosphate 42-44% P2O5 almost all contain water-soluble form. Triple super phosphate powder form and does not flow freely, and has a tendency to agglomeration, but even though granular flows freely, storage and use is great. Off-white or gray colored granules "granular" form. Rests in a humid place for a long time pulling water topaklaşırsa the use of distributed agricultural aspects of this keseklerin there is a drawback. Triple super phosphate fertilizer contains less sulfur. This fertilizer super phosphate fertilizers as well as the normal sowing or planting seed or root depth immediately before or during planting is buried.
Super phosphates and phosphorus fertilizer normally used as triple super phosphate fertilizer soil and climatic conditions of our country there is no distinction in terms of the effects of the product. Sulfur and calcium in the soil should be the determining factor in where needed. Nutrient analysis of all conditions necessary in this case to be used only fosforsa the determining factor in the type of fertilizer nutrient content of water-soluble fertilizer should be. This fertilizer does not affect the pH of the soil is neutral or slightly acid character.
Sulfur and soap;
Sulfur soap, body scrubs are used in a wide range of treatment for various problems. Sulfur, as used in making soap, shampoo, lotion, ointment, cream and gel can be used in the construction.
Sulfur soap Properties;
Sulfur soap products generally contain 10% sulfur. In addition, other materials are used in perfumes and soaps. Sulfur soap is anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore widely used in the treatment of skin diseases.
Acne Treatment;
One of the features of sulfur soap is that it causes the skin dryness and peeling. Acne, oily and humid than normal skin development. Sulfur soap, are beneficial in the treatment of pimples on the skin by drying and peeling.
Scabies Treatment;
Scabies, itching, pain, and rash is a skin condition that causes. Killing germs that cause scabies scabies sulfur soap, scabies treatment is used as an effective treatment method.
Seborrheic Dermatitis Treatment;
Seborrheic dermatitis the skin greasy, red and scaly skin condition is. This skin disease, face, chest, armpits, and hair line, especially in many parts of the body can be seen. Sulfur soap, helps in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.
Treatment of rosacea;
Rosacea, cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, a chronic skin condition that causes redness on and stains. In addition, scalp, chest, neck, and ears may also occur. Redness, become more permanent if not treated and can cause extremely uncomfortable look. If left untreated for a long time fine blood vessels may become visible on the skin. Sulfur soap, skin drying feature reduces skin redness and flare.
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